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Reworking an old illustration from my first picture book.
Last summer we moved to Seattle. In the process of packing and moving my studio, I ran across my first book illustration project (among many other things).  It was one my favorite projects, and like finding an old friend. A simple 8 page reader an education book series. And, it got me thinking.  "If I got this project today,  what would my art look like?"  I've spend the past 18 months revamping my portfolio and refining my process. So it seemed like a good idea to take what I've learned and apply it to an old image. So, I did. 

COMPARISON: Then and Now Do you notice anything else different about these images? Because of some edits I had to re-shoot the reference photos for this image and my model was out of town. In order to make my book deadline, I had my daughter stand in as the model. I morphed the original models head that I replicated with other photos. Sneeky, huh?

DRAWING: The foundation. I don't have …

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