Morning. Time to draw, just draw!

Sitting on my deck this morning with coffee and sketch book. Ahhh, perfect start to my day. It's my version of journaling. Its when I feel everything at once. But if I listen, the quiet talks to me and I draw... Just draw. It brings me clarity. I become more aware of the importance of living in the moment, and to appreciate my life and my blessings just as they are. So, I draw... Just draw. Quiet and peaceful.

It's when I get too busy and forget to take this time that the doubt creeps in and my life gets in the way of my creative focus.

I've had some creative hurdles this month, and I missed a couple. When I got back up and dusted off I had to ask myself why I chose that race? And I realize I was one lane over from where I was supposed to be. Damn it! Not again....

Why do I do that? Sometimes the answers make sense, sometimes they don't. Today I feel strong, re-calibrated and ready to fly! I think I'm a little closer to finding my place.


  1. I love you ............ and the way you write and think .... Mom

    1. Ditto. Can you do me a favor and try to follow my blog? And let me know if it was difficult to do or confusing.
      Thanks mama,


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