Through the eyes of a child.... nothing like it!

As I drove away from my school visit I was content and satisfied.  What is it about kids that bring such perspective to our lives?  In theory, you do a school visit to enrich their lives, to remind them that they are special, creative and amazing. But what I see over and over is that elementary age kids already know.  At what age do we lose that confidence? At what age do we start to question our creativity and ability to make a difference. The children because they bring me back,  remind me of what my dreams were, who I wanted to be when I grew up.  I am an illustrator, a good one.

I knew it as a kid.  Kids are honest. They haven't let the world poison their dreams and their decisions aren't made out of fear. I'm rediscovering about myself what I already knew when I was a little girl. What I realized as I drove through the slush that morning is that I'm doing it! I'm doing what I knew I would as a little girl. The kids weren't surprised.  They understood. I realize that the side roads have brought me back to my dreams. I am grateful to be reminded that I get to do what I love.

I don't know how many people get to say that. It's not about the money (duhhhh), the recognition or even the images I create, it's who I am while I'm doing it and what I give back to those small amazing people that keep me illustrating and telling stories.

Thank you West Park. Thanks for reminding me. I had a great time.


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