Online Gallery for SCBWI Award

Tomie dePaola illustration entries.

From Tomie dePaola:
"It seems as though we had more entries than ever this year for the black and white competition. ...  I want to say a few things about black and white. On the whole it is much harder than full color, which some of you may have experienced. Especially when the illustrations were more tonal than line drawing. There is a tendency for the images to get overly dark and muddy, rather than rich."

Congratulations to Sandra Ure Griffin, who attended the 2013 Winter Conference in New York, and received her award.  And congratulations to all the runners up as well as everyone who entered the contest.  We had over 300 submissions this year! 

Here's my entry. Click here to see them all!
Applicants had the option to submit their art to our unofficial online gallery, so check out all the amazing talent here:  Enjoy! Thanks so much to Tomie dePaola for taking the time and effort to carefully judge this award, and to everyone who created artwork and applied.


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