Wake Up Katy. Its' time to go to College!

I took my youngest to college last week, the University of Washington. Pretty cool, huh?    Ranked 16th in the world. Who knew? So excited and proud of her. She is right where she is supposed to be.

After two days of moving in, shopping and hanging photos all reasons for me to stay were exhausted. The time had come for our good-bye. We shared an awkward hug and she managed a crooked smile, picked up her bag and walked away.  I took a deep breath and watched and her frame shrink as she crossed the parking lot. Suddenly I felt frantic.  My throat tightened up. I realized I needed to grab a picture as she walked away.  That's what a good mom would do, right? It would make it all easier. Of course, a final shot!

I dig in my purse, fumbling for my iPhone.  She's ten feet away.  I grab the phone and touch the camera icon only to find that it's photo stream.  Swipe to the next screen. Twenty more feet.  I'm gonna miss this. Where is that damned camera icon? I find it.  Another five feet away.  I zoom.  Ah, she's in the frame. I focus. She slips behind a tree.  My stomach drops an inch. But then, for just a split second, I see her sauntering across the parking lot with her purple bag in hand.  I think of a photo I snapped several years ago, her first day of kindergarten.  My eyes fill with tears, I am overwhelmed.  CLICK.  And she is gone.

At home I pulled out the kindergarten photo. And I noticed something wonderful and ironic; the purple 'pack-pack'.  A subtile sign of things to come. I smile.

She starts classes this morning.  You would think it would be easier this time, the third time I've done this.  My older kids are in college too. They also start this week.  But now we're all in different cities beginning the next phases of our lives.  It's quiet in the house.  I miss them.  But I am happy.

I love you guys and am so excited to see where you all go and what you do. -Momma


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