Painting a Picture in Real Estate

As an artist and designer, selling real estate is really just another creative process. It's problem solving. The approach is no different than when I'm commissioned to create a painting. My client has a goal, I've got the tools to help them achieve the goal. I've got to 'paint a picture' that is personal to them. Everyone comes to me with similar basic needs, but they all have their own unique set of circumstances. If they're selling the trick is to help them transform that painting from a personal portriat to a nice, peaceful landscape that you would see in a public hotel lobby. Beautiful and inviting but generic. Our job is to appeal to the widest margin of home buyers. So, home stagingng has been the glue tying my two professions together, or maybe I should say the paint.

I love this part of the job. Sometimes we're in a big hurry and there's no budget. Okay, so I'm painting with an existing canvas and moving around the images. I might paint over some of it, or just switch things out. The trick is to take as much of what my clients have and reuse it in a more productive way.

Then there is the long term, goal oriented client. They may not be hiring me to sell their house right away, but they want to make some long term improvements and want to make sure they'll get the most return on their investment. Again, creative problem solving. And, I help clients improve there quality of life with peace of mind that their improvements are also a great investment. I'm working on my real estate website. I want to show more before and after pictures. There's always more to do, show and create. Check out my 'STAGED and SOLD' page on my website.


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