The words echo in my head as I rattle around in my new kitchen space...
"Rachel Ray will be returning any moment. You're going to have to clean up your mess and go home now."  But it's mine! It's really mine.

I sip my coffee while opening my new EZ-glide drawer to retrieve a plastic spatula. I'm making pancakes on my new grill and... I'm starting to get an attitude. For the first time in my life I have an opinion about which drawer in which we should keep the measuring cups (the lazy-Susan in case you're interested).  My girls aren't sure about the new me. I'm much more demanding. But the trade off, a hot breakfast, almost makes it worth it.

Newly completed details, "the icing on the cake."

We survived the holidays with various details still to be completed.

Duct tape handles were
replaced with stainless steel.

Although both are silver,
I've found I in fact prefer
the newly installed stainless
metal variety.

Missing Trim.
Didn't account for new drawers length
and trim height. Another modification.

Ducting the stove vent posed both financial and time issues. When dealing with existing construction, you never know what surprises you'll find in the rafters. A truss in our path caused a $400 modification. Did I mentinon the importance of budgeting for over-runs?

Expectations verses results.
When I have an idea for a painting, there's a lot of planning before the final design is executed. As an artist I am in control from planning, design and finally execution. I create every pencil mark, and brush stroke (for better or worse).  Designing a kitchen was humbling. You have a plan. Then you have to order your supplies based on little squares of product, anticipating how they'll harmonize, or clash, with the other little samples.

For example, this neutral glass tile.  It appears glass tile is shiny.  Who knew? And, the buff color selected to blend with the newly painted antique white walls.... it has a green cast when reflected off the dark cabinetry.  I'm an artist for pete's sake, why didn't I anticipate that?

After a sleepless night, mulling over the possibility of being the laughing stock of the artist world, and never landing another staging job, I called an artist friend and color guru for reinforcement. I asked him to come assess the irreversible damages and if necessary, lie. He didn't hum or ha.  He said he "loved it." I stood in disbelief, convinced that it was a bold faced lie.

Calmly, he turned to me and asked if I had ever cooked a Thanksgiving dinner.  I perced my lips and squinted. Where in the hell was he going with this?

" Remember the time and effort that comes with preparing that meal?" He continued. "When the time comes to sit down and eat you're really not hungry."  Okay....yeah.... so what does that have to do with anything?  "You can't see it yet because you're not hungry anymore. Relax. Be patient."

It took me a couple weeks to 'detox' from the construction hang-over. But, once I had, he was right on the mark!


 There's more than one right answer.
I have a new appreciation for my clients as I move them through this process. Yes, ideas had to be modified and decisions that I had obsessed about months before had to be changed. But, it all works. You have to let some of the stuff roll off your back. And if you've started out with a strong design plan and surrounded yourself with qualified and trustworthy people, it's going to be alright.  I finally settled in and enjoyed my meal. It was worth the wait.


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