My inspiration to paint.... it's like getting back into shape!

It's been a while since I've produced any new work. I actually hesitated in posting that statement. What would you all think about me admitting I've been out of the loop and out of creative shape. But, it is what is is. I'm putting it in writing because then it becomes real. Ten pounds creep up so quickly and before you know it, you turn around and see another ten on the back side! So, here's the deal:  In January I made the commitment to make my illustration business my top business priority and dedicate two days a week with plans to increase as I am able financially. My creative energy was slow to emerge. I was so out of shape. It's really no different than  munching on your favorite potato chips while watching an exercise infomercial. You're close to it, but not actually working at it.... yet!

I spent the first few weeks re-organizing my studio. Or,  reacquainting myself to the gym and my trainer. Fortunately I received some great advice from a supportive friend and successful illustrator a few years ago that stuck with me. He told me that it's okay to 'dink around' in your studio. Thanks David!  So, I did just that. And he was right. The paradigm began to shift. Just being immersed in my stuff.... books, paintings, thoughts, dreams. It was like revisiting old friends. I felt the energy surge. It actually made me cry a few times. It's hard to harness the emotions when they've been bottled up for so long.  I did some soul searching and thought... "What do I do now?"  I waited for the skies to part and a ribbon of light come down with the answers.     Nothing!    Hymmmm.  So although it was rather anti-climatic I did the only logical thing I could think of.   I made a list.

It was a list of things I wanted to accomplish;  short term and long term and why. The why was the important and hardest part. With that information I wrote an artist statement. I had never done that before. It transformed my image of myself. I don't think I truly took myself seriously before. But I had it in writing! It was very empowering.

Since I moved in November I also had to set up my studio. I arranged, and re-arranged more than a few times but it's feeling good. I think the timing is right this time. It's been so long since I've looked forward to entering my studio, let alone staying there for more than 20 minutes.

My muse is slowly coming back. I'm all over the map. Ideas are spinning in my head; images, opportunities, passion! Creative people are good. They genuinely care. They want you to succeed.

I have been blessed with an amazing circle writers, illustrators, and musicians and of course friends, family and fans. When I've felt overwhelmed or defeated I've learned to reach out. Every time there has been someone there to encourage me, with their story and understanding support. I'm lucky.

Here's a smattering of things I'm working on. Proof I suppose that I've given up the potato chips (or at least cut down).  I'll keep you posted. Keep an eye out for new stuff on my website. -Kary


  1. Be compassionate with yourself. In my opinion, a creative break can be good thing. You've definitely got the talent and have honed your skills, so a little break gives the creative juices time to simmer. I bet your not "out of shape" at all. Rather, you are creatively rested and now reawakened to your inspiration. Yay! Enjoy. Please keep posting, so we can see what you've got cooking. xo--Kelly


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