Girls gone blog!

Debbie, Katy and Me. 
So, my daughters both have blogs. No big deal. We all have one these days, right? And, being that these writers are my babies, you're probably not amazed that I think they're brilliant writers....yawn. Ok, fair enough.

My youngest, Katy Bug, made a New Years Resolution last December to blog and include a photo every day for the year of 2013,  the last half of her high school senior year and the beginning of college. Hence,  The Year it all Changed. I remember saying, 'nice idea honey,' fully meaning it. And it would support her dream of being a photographer. That seemed nice. I mean, I was an illustrator at that age so yeah, I was intrigued. But, I remember senior year and I didn't give her idea much clout. That was (according to her blog) 285 days ago. This has been quite a year, and she will appreciate that it's actually documented. I especially love day... oh who am I kidding, I can't narrow it down.

Aaand, then there's Debbie. She might be more like her momma, writing more sporadically, when the time calls for it. But for smart, funny? You gotta take a peak at her Mexico experience on Little Debbie, Big World.


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